Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Fashionista: The Glorified Fanny Pack

The new apple of my eye: Neo Victorian Steampunk belt bag by One Leaf Creations
Back in April I went with my friend Maria and a few other belly dance friends to rock on at the Beats Antique Concert at Brooklyn Bowl. While we were dodging poi, Maria expressed her desire to purchase a hip pouch belt. She described it to be “like the fanny pack” only dressier and fashionable (I'll say, because the original is so not fashionable :p). In her pool of information she mentioned that a lot of girls wear them to raves and similar events (like the one we were already at with our shoulder purses, yup). I made a mental note to hit one of my top favorite places to shop: eBay baybaaaay! A few weeks later while trying to keep myself awake during an overnight shift, I finally whipped out my new handy iPhone and tapped on the Ebay app. Key words: rave hip pouch belt. More key words: hope no one who can fire me at work reads this. That night I found my dream belt by Eyes of India, posted it on Facebook where it was crowned the “Glorified Fanny Pack” by my friend Jon, and decided I needed to wait a few weeks before I could afford to own this Glorified Fanny Pack. I didn’t have a place to wear it to anymore, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Fuerza Bruta again in NYC, only this time with my arms completely free and ready to dance! When I went to purchase it, it had already been sold. Womp, womp…woooooomp.

My sold out version by Eyes of India. You can find other styles from them here. I'd bling some of those other styles up and BEDAZZLE it!!

This style by Eyes of India is ideal for me since I like to carry a lot of little things that are "survival kit" status. I love how it had a large zippered pocket where you can keep your money, phone and other valuables and I'd use the side pockets for make-up, gum and other little items that I feel more secure having on hand!
All was forgotten in the world of glorified fanny packs and I went on my dismal shoulder purse way. Then one day, my amazingly awesome, super fun, totally fit and fabulously chic friend Melli blogged that she was bringing back the fanny pack on her Fun.Fit.Chic blog.  Unlike my glorious bag belt, her chic-for-the-fit fanny pack geared toward fitness wear. However, while reading her post the memories of my long lost, almost owned glorified fanny pack, came flooding through my head while the song “All by Myself” played in the background. I dug through my old facebook posts, hugged my computer screen and sent her a snapshot of my glammed up yet "dive in the mosh pit" worthy version of the fanny pack.

I’m so happy that a fashionista worthy version of the fanny pack has been made in addition to the Chic-Fit version. Check out these pictures below and tell me you can’t see yourself in this dancing at a concert, engaging in the audience participation part of Fuerza Bruta (which is the whole thing btw), or absolutely anywhere that a handbag or shoulder bag will restrict you from having the maximum amount of fun possible? Actually, don’t, you can…you must, we all need one of these in the "handbag options" section of our closet! I’m just saying.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the pictures, click on their links and eager to be read by you the next time!

Lisa xo
P.S. Just a few things I thought I should let you know
  • I can’t really get fired for finding my bag belt (sorry, Glorified Fanny Pack) on the phone while working; we are allowed to read and I was simply reading on my phone :-)
  • “All by Myself” wasn’t really playing in the background of my daydreams
  • I totally hugged the computer screen
  • Ok, that last one was a lie
Phew, glad I got those exaggerations out of the way!

Glorified Fanny Packs
Belt #1, Photo 1: $54.99, Eyes of India on Ebay

Belt #1, Photo 2: $54.99, Eyes of India on Ebay
Belt #2, Photo 1 sold at I Love Belt Bags at

Belt #2, Photo 2 from I Love Belt Bags on
 And last but most certainly not least!
Belt #3, Photo I: I've fallen deeply in love with this one! I wish they had a layaway plan! This Neo Victorian Steampunk Belt Bag is my new favorite Glorified Fanny Pack find! $79, One Leaf Creations, username: leilamos at

Belt #3, Photo 2: I love the variety of pouch sizes on this belt from One Leaf Creations on and when I sit, I'd just  take it off like I'd do with any other bag.

Belt #3, Photo 3: One Leaf Creations on

Belt #3, Photo 4: Front view of One Leaf Creation belt. This is where your money, id's and keys should go!

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