Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beauty Beats the Beast: Fab Chick Nail Lacquer Giveaway

I've just received my Glitz and Glam Summer Bundle , which I blogged about earlier this week, yipeeee! I'm already wearing the Showstopper lip gloss that I've been dying to try and I love it so much!

Anyway, this is not an another review so let me just cut to the chase. Sharing is caring and since I already have After Party, and plenty of glitter therefore should share Glitz and Glam, I am going to give these two polishes to one random friend. After Party is the unique neutral I was raving about and the Glitz and Glam glitter looks so great over it! So here's the three step deal-io on entering the giveaway, the three things you need to do aaaaare:

1. Facebook users: "Like" Fab Chick by Harlem Diamond's Facebook Page here and share it on your page tagging me. Anti-Facebookers: Subscribe to Fab Chick's newsletter here and mention you found out about them from "Fabulous Life of a Senorita" for confirmation. No worries, they neither post or e-mail often. I've yet to see either.

2. Read what Fab Chick is about on my August 3rd post about them and leave a comment at the bottom answering the question asked at the end of the post (conveniently highlighted in bold purple for you baby dolls). Click here to be directed to that post.

3. Since Fab Chick's charitable efforts is one of the things that attracts me to them most, please re-post this blarticle on nail lacquer Butterfly onto your Facebook profile and tag me so I know. Non-Facebook users: share the post via e-mail with your friends and CC' me at $2 of every Butterfly purchase supports the Lupas Foundation of America, so please at least get the word out on this products availability.

The only exclusions are the people who live with me, since you are always stealing polish from my polish jar anyway. Oh, and if you live outside of U.S. or Canada (genuinely sorry!). Anyone and everyone else can enter, and as promised, an entry for any of my current followers that I have recorded counts for 2, as long as you enter.

I'll be wrapping this up Thursday, August 25th at Midnight, East Coast time (always thinking of my Night Owls). If you are the winner and prefer your name not be announced, just Post Script that in your comment (I understand, I'm bashful with those things too!)

If you have any questions (eh hem, my non internet social savvy friends), please feel free to contact me at or call me at #anyonewhoshouldhavemynumberhasit. Good luck cutie pies and thank you for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, Muah!


Lisa xo

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