Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty Beats the Beast, Numero IV: Aqua-ish Nails!

"For Audrey" by China Glaze adorns my fingertips
Ever since I bought my clients at work Gianna's Rockin' Blue by Brucci at Rite Aid for St. Patty's day this year, I've had a thing with green (the above mentioned is an awesome blue-ish green). Since that purchase I've also added Caribbean Turquoise by Quirius to my vast collection of polishes. As it so often happens, it's almost the same color as Gianna's Rockin' Blue. Lovely, but I've been looking for green/blue closer to aqua; like a Tiffany's bag, ooh la la.

Color Splashing the photo didn't make it as cool as I'd imagined
Well, the other day I saw my sister walking out the door with the color that's pictured above on my nails and I fell in love! I stopped her in her tracks and asked her where she got the polish. It's called "For Audrey" and is by China Glaze. It can be all yours for $4.99 on the Sally Beauty Stores website, <---there you can also find a store locator to see if you can pick it up at a location near you.

What I loved about this polish and color other than how pretty it is, is how well it stayed on. Anything that lasts a shift at my job passes my nail polish test. My sister has had the same "staying power" experience with the polish color, however, she has a few other shades by China Glaze which she said for some reason don't have the same great long lasting results. Hmm, something for me to look into further when I am in "Senorita Scientist Cosmetic Biochemist Mode". I hate that I can't get my keyboard to make a tilda on the "n" in Senorita,  grrrr.

*China Glaze Nail Lacquer's are made with hardeners which help promotes healthy nail growth and is Tolulene and DBP Free. China Glaze Nail Lacquer' details:

  • Professional 220-strand brush for easy application
  • Long-wearing nail lacquer is an oil base
  • Flexible and will not chip
  • Greatest fashion shades
  • Non-Thickening formula
  • Great coverage
*Source of above information: Sally Beauty Website 

 Speaking of a Tiffany's bag, it seems the bag may have been the inspiration for this color.
"For Audrey"--->Breakfast at Tiffany's--->Audrey Hepburn--->DUH.
I found this blog post while searching for better images of this polish since I wouldn't hire my teeny tiny nail beds to sell it to you! Check it out here--->BETTER NAIL MODEL<---to see a post with pics that do this polish justice. The Tiffany bag made an appearance on that post too! :p
Here's that much better hand model!

I hope you all love this color as much as I do and thanks for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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