Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Creative Process of an Olga Ayala Wedding Cake Topper...

I'm not the type of girl to fantasize much about my wedding day, particularly because I will change my mind a thousand times before I even find a suitable boyfriend. However, I've known for quite some time who I want to make my cake, and now, I know exactly who will be making my wedding cake topper. That person is Olga Ayala. For years she has been fascinating me with her endless creativity and multi-talents. As a matter of fact, I'm having a difficult time not getting distracted by my new Olga Ayala ring I am wearing as I type this! I must confess, after seeing this wedding cake topper, I have found myself fantasizing about what mine may look like. Though to most, it shouldn't be a surprise that I fantasize about anything food oriented and/or art and fashion related. If I were to marry now, I'm thinking that a white belly dance inspired wedding dress with aurora borealis crystal salsa shoes would be the ideal polymer clay sculpture to represent me (or my alter ego I should say). In my fantasy, it has a red base to match my dream cake design which I saw at a bridal expo that I went to for my baby sister's upcoming wedding.

Here are images of Olga's personalized wedding cake topper that I found on Facebook and the process of creation. I know that all of my salsero and rumbero friends will just love this one! Keep on scrolling to view the creative process of Olga's work with polymer clay and read the rest of this post caption style. I'll meet you again at the end of the photo journey! Keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling...

The beginning stages: You'll be amazed at what these wire and tin foil figures will be made into (forget that you saw the finished project at the top of this post please) ;)

Pictures of the bride to be at different angles, with various facial expressions doing a variety of things...

And to think it all started as a tin foil and wire figurine...(yeah, I have something to say for each photo, I love to "talk")

I love the details on the hem of the dress; a true bomba y plena wedding gown!

Without the veil, with the veil. Looks like she's about ready to dance down the aisle!

Getting the groom ready for his dancing bride...

and what's a dancing bride without music to dance to, provided by non other than the love of her life? Here you can see that Olga views the photos, not just to form the sculptures to the bride and grooms likeness, but also to capture their lifestyle and the things they enjoy doing.

So amazed! I love the detail on the instrument!

All done! Image 1

Image 2

With the hand of the artist.

A personalized wedding cake topper, made by the hands of a talented artisan is without a doubt a must for me now. It's also multifunctional piece of art; it will now undoubtedly be their favorite piece of home decor, reminding them of their special day and the love they share each and every time they look at it :)

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper by Olga Ayala=Best.Wedding.Cake.Topper.Idea.EVER!
You can tell by these photos that it takes a lot of work and talent to create this wonderful masterpiece. Olga never fails to impress me; I love her style and creative mind! Read below for all of her contact info. Thanks for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

A Word from the Artist

I'm a Nuyorican (Puerto Rican New Yorker) that grew up in the heart of Spanish Harlem in New York City, and I'm an alumnus of The High School of Art & Design in New York City.

While sitting on my mother’s lap as a very young girl while my mom made out the weekly grocery list, I saw her make a quick sketch of Mickey Mouse. I saw that my mom could draw better than anyone I knew and I begged her to teach me to draw too!

My father moonlighted as a Timbalero (Latin percussionist), and this gave me the life long passion I have for music, dance and Latin percussion instruments.

Growing up in the "rhythm section" and being immersed in my rich Puerto Rican culture filled with music, vibrant color, laughter and drama are themes that are often reflected in my work.

You can check out Olga's Etsy Shop, which consists of jewelry, sculpture and other wearables by clicking here, and please do!

You can find Olga Ayala on Facebook by clicking here.

And last, and kind of sorta least since ^ info is more important, check out my other post on Olga with more pictures of her work here. Stay tuned for my next blarticle on the lovely Ms. Ayala later this week! xo


  1. Awesome work! I definitely will consider her if and when I ever get married. LOL!

  2. That would be amazing! Chica, I may not even wait until then. I already told her that next birthday I may do one! Celebrate who I am as a single woman, that way when I'm married, I'll always have a reminder of who I am and never lose sight of that!! xo

  3. Ooh, an extra thought: One for me as a treat on my next birthday or landmark event; when I get into a serious relationship one as a gift to him and when I get married, one of us representing who we are when we are together, how our world's mesh, how we inspire one another (like the couple in this post)