Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yeni's Creations: Catering to all Jewelry Addicts...or Making You One!

 Hey ladies (and gents, because I'm sure you can always use new ideas on beautiful and unique gifts for the ladies in your life right? grandma, mama,auntie, wifey, sister...). I want to take a moment to share with you all Yeni's Creations. I love jewelry so much, statement pieces in particular, and especially if they are vintage or handmade. I love Yeni's creations and how whether it's a simple piece or an extravagant piece, it's still a statement piece. Those who know me know very well that I can live in lounge wear or sweats as long as I have a nice piece of jewelry to polish it up; normally earrings or an interesting bracelet. It just adds a dash of class and elegance. Yeni's designs are rich with color, versatile, stylish and unique; I absolutely love her style! Here are pictures of some of my favorite pieces by Yeni from her fan page and her recent participation in Baltimore Fashion Show week!

Yeni's Creations

I love the natural color of these Agate beads. You can top this on a simple neutral maxi/lounge dress (or any color for that matter) or dressed up. Very versatile.

Yeni's Creations

Two of my favorite colors! More commonly associated with summer wardrobe fashion, turquoise and corals have been making their way straight through the fall for quite some time now, as if you didn't know, right? ;)

The possibilities are endless with a necklace like this. Again, just as with the set above, this line truly delivers jewelry that is excellent for dressing up as well as spicing up your dress down days.

This reminds me of the Titanic necklace with an earthy twist. I love the vibrant Autumn leaf colors in this one!

Yeni's Creations

Pearls, wood and shells; perfect necklace for a summer night beach party, strolling around town during the day and for taking a token piece of summer with you during the Autumn season!
More beautiful sets...

Perfect example of a piece of jewelry being more on the simple side, but far from boring!

Some favorite's from Yeni's Creations Summer Collection. She now also has 4 tier earrings as well! I love the blue stones of the bracelet.

And now we step into Baltimore Fashion Week! Yeni's Creations collaborates with stylist Devora Wooden of Dig Deep Inc. to create some gorgeous fashion forward looks.
I LOVE it when jewelry is used to create an interesting hair style. It looks so regal and exotic. I used to love doing that with my own hair, but migraines prevent me from putting my hair up much. Hmm, I think weaving a necklace through a braid is do-able and adds an artistic and exotic flair to every day style. Devora has such a great eye and creative mind, her idea has inspired me to do this with my jewelry again. If I can manage the braid, I'll share the pic!

I love leopard and I love red and I love you think I love the look on the left? I do! You can see more detailed pics of the jewelry set here. The pearl set on the right is my absolute favorite. It's so vibrantly loud and beautiful, it would do all the talking for me when I'm feeling shy. I love the top alone, though the necklace really brings the outfit to life; what a great pair! For those less flamboyant on the regular, you couldn't find a better piece for theater, a flapper costume, a theme party, photo shoot...the list continues (in my head).
(Left) I love salmon colored everything, and my nails often show it. It's such a happy and tropical color and it looks good on almost everyone, in my humble opinion. (Right) This design is amazing and looks so beautiful on the model. For every day wear, you could pair it with anything from a collared top to a casual tank top.

The Goddess of Yeni's Creations herself, Yeni Makinde, proudly presenting her gorgeous pieces.

Please visit Yeni's Creations Facebook fan page here to see more beautiful designs from this wonderful woman (she is wonderful, I've met her!).

She can also be reached at:
  • Phone: (646) 450-9364 
  • E-Fax: (248)461-5700
Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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