Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Dear Jon", An Ode to My FUgg-ly Wannabe Crocs

I couldn't help but laugh as I put on my FUgg-ly Croc wannabe's today. My co-worker Jon lost all respect for my fashionability when I admitted to him that I owned a pair of can I resist not wearing these $5 "gems" so I may save my pretty lil (big 'ole) feet from getting wet? How can I resist when I don't want to ruin a pair of my stylish zapatos that I love so much (RHETORICAL)?!...I don't want to ruin my legit shoes!!!

The truth about these, is that I bought them in a mad rush when I had to dance in the First Annual Dance Parade in New York City years ago; it was predicted that it would be pouring. I danced with P.U.R.E and our skirts hid our feet for the most part, so it was a no brainer to wear these instead of my more expensive hermes (not Herm├Ęs, or however that fancy brand presents itself) dance shoes and getting my feet all wet and clamped up while dancing. It's also a no brainer when my Washington's don't want to be spent on rain boots when I have another option available. Yeah, Washington's, you read correctly. Sadly I don't even know whose face is on a 5, 10, or even 20 buck bill, and we ALL know who Benjamin is because we want a whole lot of him! So another reason to love my 4, maybe 5 year old $5 gems even more.

The words of my friend, who once held my fashion sense in high regards, and of whom I seriously believe knows all, chimes humorously in my head as I put on these puppies to get from point A to point B without ruining the important stuff.

I continue laughing as I bump into another fashionable co- worker on her way out of our jolly ole job.

"Oh I have those too!", she exclaims (as you've already seen above). We go on about how they are a handy thing to have (remember, we are on a poor man's budget here). I tell her how Jon disowned me as a fashion source because of them and she says: "Oh. He's seen me in them and hasn't said anything."

Dear Jon,

I've decided to take the above information as a compliment. Even if it's not the case, roll with it. I'm going to believe that you found me so incredibly fashionable, creative and impressively unique in the cluster of fashion authorities, that to discover that I owned (and sometimes wear) a pair of these, has brought utter devastation to your world. It's ok Jon, it'll be alright. Sometimes we must make sacrifices in the world of fashion. Sacrifice the FUgg-ly Croc Wannabe's to save dancing feet that must look pretty in the open-toed, fashion worthy hot steppers. And at a Nifty Thrifty Price might I add. And they are periwinkle (very rare-ish). Sometimes, beauty can't beat the beast. I guess that's the moral of my story?


ME!!! Lee-See!!!

P.S Thanks for reading guys, hope you can afford the more than Washington's but less than Benjamin's rain boots! Til then, I'm sporting my "$5,-take-up-no-space-gems"! xo

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