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Vakano Clothing- Casual Wear with Latin Flair for Ladies and Gents

"The Vision: To create a style of nationalism and pride in where we as immigrants came from. No matter what nation you come from, there is a style that represents your nation and culture. Although we are a people of many different nations, we still are one people, under God, we are Latinos..."
~Vakano Clothing

It's been long overdue that I share Vakano T-Shirt line with you (shame on me). I discovered them on Facebook during the summer and loved the designs that Domincanita Indira Valdez came up with to represent us Caribbean Latin Folk. Vakano t-shirts not only have great designs, but they fit so well and are very fashionable too! I'm so tired of cutting up t-shirts just so I can enjoy the cute designs on them. There is no need with the styles found in Vakano Clothing Store; they are prêt-à-porter (ready to wear). There are styles for di meing too, as we Cubans would say for "men" (or as Scarface would -->YOUR CHOICE<--...choose wisely) ;) Considering that I never know what to get guy friends as gifts, Indira and Vakano Clothing  just helped me with gifts for more than 50% of the dudes in my life...Papa Dukes and Grand Papa included. 

Indira Valdez, native to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), came to the United States 7 years ago and now resides in Los Angeles, California. "Vakano" comes from the word Bacano (original saying), and means "cool". It's a word that is used among Caribbean Hispanics, and is especially popular among Venezuelans. This Latino representative t-shirt line is not only fun, but it's also a symbolization of Indira's struggles making it in a new country. The inspiration to start the Vakano T-Shirt Project came from reflecting on her faith; something that regardless of our religious beliefs, we all share in common necessity. With faith and positivity, we can make it through all of our struggles and pain.

"I started this project inspired on a bible verse reminding myself that no matter what struggles we go through, our God is with us, and all we have to do is use faith and speak to whatever mountain is in our way, and it will be moved." (inspiration from Mark 11:23)

Throughout her assimilation into a new country and culture, Indira found a positive way to make a mark here in the states while creating a clothing line bearing symbols of her native culture, something that even non latinos enjoy. Her faith is inspirational, and Vakano t-shirts are not just for Latino's in my opinion. I can without a doubt see the salseros I know in New York sporting a Tamborero(a), Toca tu Guirra, or Coño t-shirt. The definition of Coño varies from region to region, in this case it means "dayyyyum!" ;), while in other regions it can mean someone who is tight fisted, some use it in profanity (not here on my t-shirt, this Vakanita means DAYYYUM ala Gabriel Iglesias style), and in others, such as Spain, it means "someone of wealth"!

You can check out Vakano's store on their website by clicking --> here and keep up with them on Facebook here<--clickety click! Every week, Vakano Clothing Store posts a special t-shirt of the week at a discounted price, so make sure to check them out on Facebook and to get the sneak peeks on what's coming next! 

Here are some photos of the Vakano T-shirt line. The links to the website page are under each pic, and you can also find more colors and styles on their website! Check me out sporting my Vakano Purchases at the end! And you know I have lil' stories to tell :)
The Puerto Rican Flag
The Dominican Flag

"Coño" in black for men.
Dominican Flag. Check out Vakano's site for more colors and styles for the ladies.

This yellow looks stunning on her! I wish I was a Dominicanita so I could wear it! We need a Cubanita one!
"Toca tu Guirra" I have this one in white and I love it!
La Guirra is significant to me. One of my best friends played this instrument in a bachata band in high school and I remember him walking the hallways with an imaginary guirra in his hand, always dancing. I loved his spirit, he taught me that you can bring music with you everywhere, even when others could not hear! That stayed with me always and is a great lifelong gift! Dancing and music soothe me, so when I don't have music available, I go anywhere and dance to the music in my head. Calls for many bathroom breaks at work! Anyway, when I saw this shirt, I had to have it! Remember, when those work days start becoming tough and boring, all you have to do is TOCA TU GUIRRA!!!

I love how the front says "Coño" and the back has a bible verse reference near by bootie. I love being inspired while simultaneously being amused!
Coño, OÑO, COÑO!! I wear the heck out of this shirt. I love gray, I have matching leggings and to top it off, I'm making a statement, coño! This shirt reminds me of one of my favorite comedians, Carlos Gonzalez. He says Coño quite a lot. I wonder which "coño" his coño represents!
Well my Vakanitas and Vakanitos, I hope you enjoy Vakano's t-shirt line as much as I do! I can't wait to see what else they have in store! Thank you for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


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