Thursday, September 15, 2011

Misadventures in Bloggywood

I'm not a mom. I'm not even a wife or a girlfriend. That said, I am a nurturer by nature and have helped raise my fair share of youngsters and can appreciate a good story about motherhood.

Now I have to say, I don't go driving around in the Google Search engine for sites on motherhood and even though I follow and truly enjoy Adventures of a Modern Mom (published by one of my besties amazing big sis, Zulay Fernandez) my time shall come, and I'm cool with that. However, while trying to teach myself a thing or two about navigating around blogspot I stumbled upon this:

Blog Readers Your blog can have up to 100 Readers

I know. I need to slow my roll and chill out, I only have 15 followers on actual Blogspot, 55 publicly following my blog from Facebook, and a handful that e-mail me about them and for some reason aren't following...I'm just not cool enough yet yo, so I need not worry about this. Yet somehow this tid bit of info still managed to put me in a state of frenzy and in "WTF?!?!" mode.

I immediately turned to Google for help and stumbled upon another blog writer who had experienced the same hysteria as I: Jenn of  Misadventures of Motherhood. A random kind gentleman helped Jenn understand what this meant, and this didn't go without some torture in my opinion, as he also accused her of hijacking someone else's question...I mean WTH is that supposed to mean?! I, fellow hijacker, truly did not  comprehend what the "question answerer" was trying to explain (except that, no worries Lisa, you can have more than 100 readers). To me he just went on and on and on--->HERE<---in case you need to know, and my solely hypochondriatic existent A.D.D was not having it. However, I did find an incredibly cute and fun blog out of the question answering boredom. Something special always comes out of most things if you just look for it. I'm happy that I decided to copy and paste the link to Misadventures of Motherhood. I love this blog and Jenn's sense of humor. Even though it's a blog about her life post children, she still writes about things we can all relate to and shares some humorous past times, pre-mommyhood. She seems like a mother that knows how to have fun and doesn't take herself too seriously.

Here is my favorite post, I Pee Myself. Haven't we all experienced a moment when we are sharing funny experiences, laughing and then one person says something only to find themselves laughing solo while the rest are left with blank stares and in total non comprehension of what you shared? Yeah well, this is one of those. I peed myself.

I urge you to check out Misadventures of Motherhood; mommy, mommy in training, or none of the above. And while you're at it, since we are on the mommyhood topic, you'll definitely enjoy the fun and challenges Zulay experiences and is faced with on Adventures of a Modern Mom. My personal fav is Layla goes to Work with Mommy!

Hope you enjoy it!


Lisa xo

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