Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yum Shaker Recipe Share: Cinnamon Spinach? Why thank you SER by Eduardo Life!

The one veggie I've NEVER denied, from my baby food days up to my salad and spanakopita days, is spinach. Thanks to you Popeye!

Cinnamon, check. Spinach, check. An appetite, permanent check (come on, this is me we are talking about here).

Yum Shaker is probably my favorite part of this blog, yet the least nurtured (just showing it some Kindergarten Crush Love). Today I am showering it with love by sharing a post by my dear friend Eduardo, author of the blog SER. It will take you two seconds to make this and, naturally, my Eduardito's posts would never be complete without educating us on the health benefits of cinnamon. I love how he's always so informative, interesting and oh so peaceful (if you are reading this, I miss you my love!). I so aim to live an Eduardo life (minus vegetarianism) and am totally a groupie. As a matter of fact, unknown to him, I'm his biggest groupie (from afar, since I live so far). After this post, I will be adding cinnamon into my diet much more often! Clickety click on the pic, read on and eat on! 

Thank you for reading!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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