Monday, October 10, 2011

Something good comes out of everything, just have a little faith, life will eventually connect the dots.

This past Thursday I had the most supercalafradulistically wonderful day that I have had in the longest time! After almost a month of applying for jobs (probably hundreds which took almost all of my free time) I finally got an interview. One of the reasons I haven't been able to take a job in the city is because it will be a long while before I will have saved enough to actually move close to the city to work. My commute from here is no joke and will without a doubt interfere with job performance and therefore advancement. However, this job would require me to live on the premises as I would need to manage a lot of the work in the house and assist in multiple businesses, so I didn't feel like I was trekking out for the interview for nothing. Similar to the dating mentality, 400 applicants, around 25 interviews and only one job available, I know my chances are slim but it was the best.interview. ever...EVER!!! The interview conversation was very inspiring and my potential employer seems like one of the most genuine, diverse, interesting and down to earth people I have ever met on a professional level. Even better, the type of work I'd be doing is all in areas of business I enjoy; domestic, art, antiques and cars. Yes, I love cars, I love driving, so those who know me, shut the jaw I know I don't know much about them but I'll learn if I get the job and am blessed with the opportunity to get educated on it while on the job!

Anyway, although I didn't have that "I got this!!!" type of feeling when I left, I felt great and extremely happy. It was an inspiring interview conversation and was one step towards the right direction. Well, I took those steps back to the subway skipping. On the return trip to Astoria I was smiling, enjoying all of the people around me and even laughing all by my daaaamn self...which had absolutely nothing to with the cocktail I sucked up at the end of the interview. I swear on a wad of chewed up gum. Yes, I even got a drink at the interview, SHUT UP!! 

To make this day even luckier, not one, but TWO of my acquaintances were available to grab a bite with me before my long drive home. I'll skip all the major introductions since I don't have pretty pictures to entertain, but my two victims of the evening were the lovely Cindy, cousin of a long time friend of mine, and the other lovely was Delyana. It was the first time I had seen Delyana since we met almost two years ago in December of 2009 at the grand opening of Staykova Boutique. We picked up as if we had seen each other regularly for the past two years, just the same as the night we met. As if we've known each other forever. Without a doubt, we agreed, we are soul sisters.

Spending time with Delyana and Cindy was so much fun and so refreshing. The conversation was great, we laughed a ton and for the first time in awhile I felt like myself; these ladies are just AMAZING company and we had a great connection. Often times, well most all of the time and only since moving back to Long Island, I feel more reserved and somewhat introverted. I hold  back a lot of myself. I know it's partially because I mainly meet people in a "professional" atmosphere and partially because I just can't relate to this lifestyle, and then there is just a whole bunch of other things. I'm not going to get into psychoanalyzing myself now, but simply, I'm uncomfortable here. Yes, I am myself, but I am not all of myself. I miss the rest of me...

Throughout the laughter and jokes, we sprinkled in some major philosophical and spiritual topics that led to how we got to where we are today, where we'd like to see ourselves and what kind of people we want to be around. Naturally, because this is soooooo Lisa, we got into the topic of how everything does happen for a reason. I truly believe that it does and that, as the popular Spanish proverb among many Cubans go, no hay mal que por bien no venga...there is nothing bad that happens in which something good does not come out of it. It just sucks Shweddy Balls that sometimes it takes a long time to figure out why, but we have to have faith that life will "connect the dots", or the analogy I normally use, that the pieces of the puzzle will eventually come together ...and you must try that ice cream by Ben and Jerry's if you haven't already, it's a life changing experience (Shweddy Balls meaning. What did you think I was talking about when I said that? Sucios!). Just pray that you are never asked to take a breathalyzer test after you eat it.

So back to "connecting the dots", everything happening for a reason, having faith and the blah blah blah talk. When that was mentioned, Delyana did the whole "Oh my God!" hands to head, big bright smile thing that we girls do when a coinky dink occurs. Her quote went something like this: "You have to watch the video I posted of Steve Jobs making a speech at a graduation years ago, just watch it, it will change your life and be the best 1o minutes spent." Well, it was 15 minutes, but yes, it was definitely a speech more than worth the time and that we should all hear. And if you haven't already, wouldn't ya know it it's conveniently located at the end of this post?! And honestly, the reason for the post.

So amidst the laughter, Cindy coincidentally knowing every person I brought up that night (yes, we too did that "Oh my Gawd!" thing we girls do too), and the yummy cocktails and food at Fatty's Cafe in Astoria, I am SO happy that our conversation turned to more serious and somewhat spiritual topics. Without a doubt, the interview and time spent with Cindy and Delyana enhanced and changed the course of my week; it was refreshing, inspiring, fun and it brought me back to me and a much needed reminder that I'm still here. It's just that life is a little bit different now and for a purpose that is much needed for a better future. Steve Jobs will clarify all that I'm talking about pretty much in the video below in one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard.

Thank you for reading and much love to my wonderful friends and Steve Jobs and his family, may he rest in peace as his legacy lives on.

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo
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