Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Glitter Madness for Eyes, Lips and Nails...

Photo from Glitter Bug Cosmetics. Check them out!

...or if you are me, you probably find excuses to do it year round. My love for glitz and glam started in my childhood and in high school you'd often find me carrying a black patent leather tote sprinkled in a rainbow of glitter colors. Inside, you would find a furry leopard print date book and a pink feather pen with an iridescent glitter print (among other Lisa-ish things). I remember showing up at my aunts house one day with all of my accessories, getting a raised eyebrow, followed by a warm smile with the statement, "You are SO Latina". Boy did I feel proud. I totally owned my love for glitz, glam, feathers, being Latina and, well, pink. Years later, I can confidently say, not much has changed!

This months Latina Magazine features a beautiful make-up spread titled "Glitter Goddess", with an array of sparkly styles that I am no stranger to! With Latina Mag, I'm either learning muy mucho or relating; in this case it's the latter. Starting back in July, I have taken photos of my glitter nails, eyes and lips to share on a blog post and coming across this article put a smile on my face. The "I did that" smile on my face. Though I can't credit Latina Magazine for the glitter inspiration I can credit my favorite magazine for finally writing this post (they always have my back!)

Check out my pics and read more inside!

Ah! The Ruby Slipper Red glitter lips and glitter tipped nails! On the left, you can see an example of both as featured on page 126 of the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Latina Magazine. What a smile this brought to my face as it reminded me of two great people in my life. Years ago, during a bout of boredom, my roomate got creative and came out sporting her nails just like Latina Magazine's model. I fell in love with the look and I got my "nails did" by her too. It was easy enough for me to continue on my own. On the right are my nails back in June and July. I rocked this look for about a month and I switched it up by alternating from tips to cuticle. I like this twist. 

On the right is the nail glitter I used from Kiss, which you can find on Extreme Beauty Supply's website. When I bought mine, they were $3.99 a pop plus tax. For my next purchase I plan on using Extreme Beauty Supply because they are $2.49 each and if I purchase the 3 colors I use, it comes to $12.46 after S&H (tax based on location, some locations don't get taxed, inquire at their site for your region).

If you guessed that the above lady to the left is who I first saw sporting red glitter lips, you hit the needle on the head! From left to right are dance friends Kristina Staykova and Valerie Levine. Through the world of nightlife dance I learned that "you can never have enough glitter!", adding it to places I normally wouldn't bother to (ok, just my lips, but it's because I love the taste of food too much to allow anything to interfere!). These Ballroom dancing queens never let me lack on glitter madness as long as they were around. Whether belly dancing, ballroom dancing, doing a samba piece or just going out for fun, they ALWAYS glittered it up. On the New York Belly Dance scene, you can always find many dancers blinged up, bedazzled and beGlittered on occasion. It's a world of glitter out there and I LOVE that world!!! Among my favorite belly dance glitter queens is Layla Isis, google image her and enjoy her glitz and glam fun at Mardi Gras and in her Belly Dance world!

Okay, now for my some of my glitter fun!

Above was my first time adding glitter to my lipstick. Before, I would just use glitter lip glosses, which are much more subtle, but Kristina put an end to that on that fine day! Here, I am posing back stage at the Indo Caribbean Beauty Pageant where I performed with Dance Soul Company. Glitter is especially great for on stage performances or dancing at night. I think it gives a friendly and fun appearance, who doesn't love fairies and pixie dust?

Here I am above, all glittered up posing with my dear friend Mazu on the night we performed a Samba dance for the guests at Honey Lounge in NYC. I love the red glimmer on my lips! I had a lot of fun this night, I performed my first Samba piece ever! I wish I continued learning, but there's always time in the future.

And last but not least, below is Halloween of 2011. Though my plans ended up falling through, at least I found a reason for glitter season. I made sure to capture some pics to share with you and as you see here, my glitter lips are not limited to Ruby Red Slippers! Nudes, pinks and natural colors are my favorite, topped with smokier eyes and copper & bronze glitters! I was a sexy nurse, because Halloween is always a time to be a sexy anything, lol.

It was tough to get an even picture of my eyelids since I took the pic myself (so talented, rolls eyes) but the eye to your right, in the right hand pic, looks least affected by the flash, though there was more glitter than what appears to the right. To adhere the glitter to my eyes I used eyelash adhesive. I've tried vaseline, lipgloss (yep you read correctly!) and cream eye shadow in the past, but the eyelash adhesive is my favorite. I recommend you use a primer for more even application and that you have your glitter applicator ready so you can apply quickly before the glue dries. I am grateful for the day that the light bulb in my head went on and I thought to use eye lash adhesive. So "duh'' ;)

For the lips, I use a small amount of vaseline or lipgloss to adhere the glitter.

Since I have not graduated to Vlogger yet, I've searched for some videos to aid you in your BeGlittering Process. They be:
*The above links will direct you to you tube.

    I hope you all enjoyed the post and thank you for reading & looking!

    Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!

    Lisa xo

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    Come back here! One second after publishing I remembered two other glittery moments in my laptop photo collection that I should share...
    Ta daaaaaa! The first is Halloween 2009, when in doubt, go glitter! I was in no mood to dress up that day (I know, weird) so glittered it up to keep festive and made myself some sort of dark bunny. A skunk stole my ears (a random side note). In the second pic, I'm at Brooklyn Bowl for the Beats Antique Concert, coincidentally, the eve of my Born Day. What better way to break in my new year than with glitter on my eyes to call on more glittery occasions?
    Above, I'm sipping on a Nutella Bourbon Milkshake. Add that to your bucket list my people! xo


    1. Oh girl, you are so STUNNING!!! :D

    2. Hello Cliff! Thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot to me :) I hope all is well and fabulous on your side! xo