Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brusha Brusha Brusha at Groupon!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Soooo, it's been awhile. It's not because of lack of things I want to "talk" about, it's basically because with my new work schedule I am highly incapable of typing anything legible by the time I get home. Unless you can read this language: Tkjhcwegfc jscb ahdc adajdh!!! Adhajcdsfhk, fdehfsnc. I didn't think so :) I'm going to try and make this quick since I'm sitting here feeling my face slowly turn to stone via face mask-ism and the tight bun on my head keeping my hair out of that mask is slowly cutting off my cerebral circulation which will then most likely turn my post into something like the above illegible typing anyway.

As some as you know, I am a big fan of Groupon and a former fan of Living Social (beware, the latter does not have any consumer protection if a vendor makes themselves unavailable during the promotion period and will not credit you for another Living Social purchase, leaving you to either lose your money or use the paid value towards an unpleasant vendor). Anyway, sometimes these sites have great deals on goods, however, I feel often times we're so excited to grab the deal on an item before it runs out, that we fail to research the item, or maybe just don't have time. I've been wanting to purchase a sonic toothbrush for some time and had the time to research one that was being offered through Groupon today for $15 (normally sold for $29.99). It's the Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush.
What I wanted

What I wanted to find out were the reviews and how easy and cost effective it was to replace the brush heads. What interested me about this toothbrush initially is that it's designed for people on the go; it's compact in a container about the size of a mascara or one of those Everlasting Lipstick type of tubes (for the fellas, let's describe it as one of those ballpoint pens your bosses may give you as a reward for doing something useful at work) and they offer it in Leopard, HELLO. I'm not going to get into every itty bitty detail on the product info because you can get that at the link above and you can check out Gear Diary's review which is quite detailed. And has some typos, justhadtogetthatoffmychestbutthesitehelpedmeout so I'm just going to let that one go. :p The product was also featured on Bobby's Style Buzz on the Today Show, link provided within the name. As for  the brush heads, you can't find them in stores, and though they are available through QVC, Amazon, and a couple other sites, I emailed Cenoire directly and was informed that if you purchase your replacement heads from their site it's $9.99 including shipping and handling for a pack of 3 replacements. There's no tax unless you're a California mailing/billing address. Other sites are $9.99 plus tax and S&H, which can run you anywhere from $15 to probably about $18. The latter, not worth it, the former, totally worth my while considering the fact that most good toothbrushes cost at least $3-$4 anyway for one. You can check out their site here-> CENOIRE<-

What I got
If you choose to keep your pearly whites even cleaner and healthier with this product, just know that the leopard was sold out on Groupon Deals (insert pout and tear drop here). I've opened my heart to something new and went with (settled for) the Candystripe style pictures on the left. I'll post a better shot on Instagram when it arrives. You can also opt for the Autism Speaks design, in which 10% of the purchase gets donated, though I decided to get the design I prefer and would rather donate more than $1.50 to the cause on my own. This Groupon deal is going on for a day and 17 hours more from this post, so you have until the morning of Thursday, October, 18, 2012 to make the purchase there and clicking HERE will lead you to the site.

Alrighty chamacas, I'm about to mentally knock out, feels nice to have reached out to you all again in blog form! I shall attempt to attempt this more often, hajnceaskc, ajcejcoecj , ahceidhi!!! Just kidding :)

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!

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