Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Visit to the Barn Animals on Muskoot Farm, Somers, NY

Hi All!

It's been awhile since I've been communicating in blog land, so I figured I'd take a little time out this evening to get back in the groove of things and share some pictures of my last trip to the farmer's market at Muskoot Farms. I love Farmer's Market Hopping just as much as Thrift Shop Hopping and even more so than Bar Hopping (but I love them all, don't get it twisted).

The farmer's market at Muskoot Farm is the market I frequent most often and is definitely one of my favorites. On a sunny day you will find many people out supporting local farmer's and vendor's, people picnicking on the gorgeous grounds, and families bringing their children to explore the land and visit the barn animals. I brought my 30 something year old child, Reggie, to see the barn animals. She loves that. Of all the times I have visited Muskoot Farm, this is the first time I've visited the barn animals, and to my surprise I had so much fun! I'm certain this is because I got to see adorable baby goats, and now I definitely want a pet baby goat. Scroll down to see the photos of my visit below, and I promise to take photos of the market next time so you can see what great vendors come around to this market from 10am-3pm every Sunday!

These little piglets reminded me of Charlotte's Web, remember Wilbur?

This is the mama of the little Wilbur piglets

I kept trying to get the little one's attention, but who couldn't be any less interested in us!

The little sheep above may have been camera shy, but this little guy was more than happy to claim the spotlight and give the camera some attention.

I fell in love with this little one, I wish I got to pet him/her!

This guy (gentleman) said that this is the best part of his day, when he can spare a  moment to spend quality time with the animals. He brought this little guy out for the children to see. I benefited of course, this lil goat was so affectionate and loveable.

My little one again, running around and making it difficult to capture a clear shot

Hope you all liked the photos!

Kisses, Beijos, Besos, Filakia, Bisou Bisou!


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