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Beats Antique Concert Snippet Video!

Ok, well, now that I've gotten you to open up the link I am going to bombard you with the pictures of my entire day out in Park Slope Brooklyn in April. My phone just informed me that its memory is full, therefore I need to document all the "goodies" on it, so here we all have it on a blog post. It also was the eve of my birthday, which wasn't the cause of celebration, but it just sounds like a good reason for you to have to go through all the pics to get to the Beats Antique video conveniently located at the bottom of the page. I also cried a lot that week because my "boyfriend" <--whatever and I broke up that week, so one eye is more crooked than the other. Just letting you know. So here it is...

I always have such great fun when I visit my friend Maria. There's also something about Park Slope that just makes life seem so much more laid back, chill, creative. That's why I wore this during the day:

What, what? I'm walking around Park Slope on the eve of my birthday in a beret. Or whatever this style hat is really called. I'm sooooo "cool"! Park Slope cool that is ;p

This pic is even cooler. Why you ask? Because of the "Made in Park Slope" Artwork  in the background made by the one and only Maria Liebana. Pimple, long face, eff''ed up eyes: compliments of some dum guy.

Then I got to eat lunch on a cool table in an apartment in Park Slope, like this:
Because we're cool like that.

Park Slope couldn't fix my crooked eye, or the fact that I got a cluster of glitter on the crooked eye and couldn't get it off, but just because I was in Park Slope --> crooked eyes and failed attempts at enchanted fairy eyes were just plain COOL. Though I must lament, you'd think the Birthday Gods would have joined forces with the Gods of Broken Heart Side Effects and at least put the glitter chunk on the opposing eye to even it out a bit. Sheesh.

And now ladies and gentlemen, photos of yours truly and some dance friends at the Beats Antique Concert at Brooklyn Bowl on April 23rd, 2011-April 24, 2011 <--My damn uncelebrated birthday. I spoke briefly about this outing in my blarticle on Glorified Fanny Packs and now I'm finally posting what I have available of the full experience!

Glow in the Dark Hula Hoopers. Not sure how I feel about them since that time the Hula Hoop club decided to share space with me and my crew during a Central Park picnic. :p

Glitter clumps and chocolanutty goodness like the Nutella Bourbon Milkshake=Typical Moi.

Maria Liebana and Rebecca Jablonsky&^@*^#*^*$,  let's just refer to her as Rebecca J.

Two of the most awesomely artsy fartsy people I know. Multi-media, performance artist, East Coast Tribal Belly Dancing, Pearl Mica Art Extraordinaire (Maria), bloggesses, super duper I can't keep up with know what I'm thinking. It must be because they live in Park Slope.

Rebecca is also the author of the Arts and Science Lab blog. It's a brilliant, well written and interesting blog, so just go check it out. You won't be disappointed; she writes in Park Slope.
 We saw Amy Raks, Alura, Sahazha (I may have butchered her dance name), Matt & Rebecca T.! I just met Rebecca that night (both Rebecca's actually) but I've known the rest of the crew for years and it was so great to see the familiar faces of people who are dear to me!

Red eye reducing this was not an option since for some reason the new editing system that was put on my laptop by the laptop guy told me it's just not going to do this. I was too lazy to upload it to snapfish to fix it there or anywhere else for that matter.

Eskimo was the opening act for Beats Antique. We really enjoyed his act, he's very expressive and his passion for what he does really shows in his performance. I got a short snippet of him in the video where you can see what I mean towards the end of his snippet. It was a bit difficult to video tape while paying attention to the show, but I tried my best to capture the best moments, and missed a lot. I blame it on the drugged up girl in the blue wig and 3 inch fake lashes who kept purposely bumping into us. She made my life difficult. Especially difficult for a first time smart  phone user (me).

There's not much to say here, except that she's a stunning beauty my Sammy.

I still don't have any idea what these two were talking about, something about opportunities to work with really cool people, hellooo-Park Slope, and then -->insert some blanks here<---and the environment. I should have focused better, I am kinda sorta unemployed after all. On a serious note, they were cool, so we should just all google the event and see if anyone else wrote about them and whoever they are.

Here it is my peeps, BEATS ANTIQUE! I know that my fabulous photo taking skills are making you feel all kinds of excited inside. Eh hem.

I really love that the drummer has GLITTER drums that match my crooked eye enchanted fairy dust make-up look! *GIRLY SHRIEK KICKING FEETSIES BACK AND FORTH NOW!*

Zoe Jakes in one of her many looks. She's so amazingly theatrical, versatile and diverse in dance. I love watching her perform. You will catch her rocking out on the drums in my snippets and doing a Sheila E-esque style performance at the very end. Yeah, like I said, my  life when in Park Slope is quite cool.

Bye Bye Beats Antique, we wrapped up the night by doing a late night Astoria run and grabbing some Pan de Bono at "La Casa de Pan". Open 24 hours. Astoria is so cool too. :p

And now that you've entertained me by checking out my photo journey, or at least to have pretended to, I now present to you some great Beats Antique concert snippets and iPhone photos. 

For your convenience, I have made sure to take some portions of the video on a side view. This has absolutely nothing to do with my being clueless or thinking that the iPhone has infinite powers and absolutely everything to do with me wanting to make sure you get your daily neck stretches in. I will be accepting "thank you's" and charming little notes of appreciation in the comment box below. You're welcome. My apologies to Eskimo for spelling his name wrong in the video.

Thank you for reading chamacos!

Besos, Beijos, Filakis, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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