Friday, September 30, 2011

Got Curls?

 I suffer the bane of schizophrenic  hair. When I was little, I had straight hair that fell into ringlets. When I hit the double digits I started to randomly have days when my hair would air dry in massive ringlets;  sometimes pretty ones, while other times a frizzy mess, especially in the summer! This was new to me, but I really loved it on the good days. My mom always had super thick and wavy hair, in a boy cut, so she was never able to aid me in proper care of the bad hair curly hair days, and I wasn’t always so lucky to have a good hair curly hair day. Then it was recommended that I get a perm so my hair would just stay curly all of the time. Yeah, that was a great idea because it resulted in permanently frizzy and puffy hair that neither I nor anyone around me could help me with.  At that point, all I wanted was the silky hair from my single digit years back and would cry daily. My cousin, who had even curlier curls, was of absolute no help either. She just cried every day too.  The internet wasn’t part of our world in those days either (shush) and all we had were Teen and Sassy magazines. Remember those? Then, it was a matter of convincing our parents to purchase whatever products were recommended, and in turn, they would bring home the dollar store version.  After that failed, you’d then turn to your grandmother who would start to do all sorts of olive oil, egg yolk and avocado treatments that seemed to make no difference in your hair, when all you wanted was a can of Vavoom mousse and call it a day! Can anyone else relate to this?
I still have on and off issues with my hair, but by now, between dry hair and oily scalp, I’ve given up on it and normally just straighten it as much as I can to avoid what became my young adult air dry hair sensation; hat head. My hair is now thinner (partially due to lack of proper care and partially due to having prolactinoma…a topic I will eventually touch on this blog) dries straight a couple inches down from the scalp, turns into waves, then ends in curls for the last 5 inches. Sounds "creative" for lack of a better word, but it’s a hot messy mess I’ll tell you. Every once in a while it will dry all in curls, but I don’t know what makes my hair like that and a body wave to correct the situation was unsuccessful. Basically, my hair just may have a life-long identity crisis. But it’s the year 2011 and I have no more excuses, I need to start learning how to take care of my hair and make the most of those luscious curls when they pay me a visit, as well as make the most of the days that call for straightening, while maintaining healthy hair.

Beautiful author of DailyCurlz
These days, we have this little amazing tool called the internet, and this even more amazing thing called Social Media, which allows us to connect, interact and share with people all over the world. I recently came across a blog called DailyCurlz.  Actually, DailyCurlz came across me. The author of the DailyCurlz blog is in the main picture of my recent blarticle on Vakano Clothing. When she commented on my blog post, naturally, I clicked on her blog to see what she wrote about. I’m a curious little feline when it comes to treasure hunting. DailyCurlz offers advice, information, tutorials and tips in both English and Spanish for us curly haired babes! Among the many blarticles in the DailyCurlz archive, you can read about prepping you hair for the coming cold weather here ->HOLA,CLICK ME<-, as well as find tips for preventing static when wearing hats. DailyCurlz also created their own oil mix for the hair. DailyCurlz Oil Mix provides your hair and scalp with a variety  of oils, in which some (oils) contain vitamins that aid in creating healthier, longer, shinier and dandruff free hair. Click on the name to get in on the game; the link will provide you with full details on the mix and have you an expert on the product knowledge in no time! As soon as I can grab a hold of my own bottle I will let you know how it works for me! In the meanwhile, check out DailyCurlz on Blogspot and Facebook and enjoy this video of the author creating flawless curls by way of braids and some pics of my own hair.

Click here for the video on Flawless Curls By Way of Braids ~Sorry, for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to embed videos (bad, bad, BAD Blogger!)

My own "DailyCurlz", when taken care of correctly. Images from my fashion and stylist blog post "La Bruja Buena". Click on the image below to be directed to the post.

Does anyone know what is preventing the two brats below from aligning properly?<--Serious question

Thank you for reading and I hope that you and yours are enjoying Fabulucious curls!

Besos, Beijos, Filakia, MUAH!


Lisa xo

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  1. OMG, I love this, thank you so much, your curlz rock. Awww I love this post(did I already said that?) Gracias

  2. De nada y gracias a ti tambien!
    Thank you so much for your comment and I very happy that you loved the post!